Minneapolis Anime Dealer's Room

Vendors for 2014.
  • 40x10
  • Far East Emporium 40x10
  • Asylum Anime 40x10
  • Anime Fan Zone 40x10
  • Eagle Anime 30x10
  • Dragon Song Forge 30x10
  • hobbyfan 30x10
  • lelia chamberlain 20x10
  • Pawstar 20x10
  • Jedi Master's Toys & Collectibles 20x10
  • Anime Palace 20x10
  • visualnovelsusa 20x10
  • VKarmoury 10x10
  • ravenwing 10x10
  • Dominikat Clothing and Design 10x10
  • Jeff Olson 10x10
  • Your Way Anime 10x10
  • gBlazeWear, LLC 10x10
  • Yarn Wenches Affliction 10x10
  • Evo Anime 10x10
  • Elysium Armory 10x10
  • Squirrel Creek Creations 10x10
  • Orlando 10x10
  • Cardz Xtcetera 10x10
  • Linkara 10x10
The AniMinneapolis Dealer's Room is an epic place to find all your favorite anime merchandise. Vendors will be selling things ranging from custom-made outfits, to plushies, to DVDs, to comics, and everything else in between.

Photography is generally not permitted in the dealer's room, to prevent people from stopping in the middle of aisles and making it hard to get around. Excessively large props will typically not be allowed in the dealer's room. AniMinneapolis enjoys giving attendees the flexibility to bring most reasonable sized props (smaller than you) into the vendor room, and we ask that you respect other attendees by being mindful of props and large costume pieces.

For additional information about becoming a dealer, click here.