May 9 - 11, 2025 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
Don't miss the Minneapolis Anime and Gaming Event in November!

An epic three-day celebration of anime, video games, and music in Minneapolis.

May 9 - 11, 2025

Press Information

Credentialed members of the media are invited to attend AniMinneapolis at no charge, and we are happy to accomodate you as much as possible.

Press members include:
  • Print Journalists - People who write for local newspapers or school papers.
  • TV Correspondants - Correspondants and camera crew are welcome to come take video and broadcast segments.
  • Bloggers - Bloggers who post regularly covering conventions extensively with a large (5000+ per month) readership.

Press releases and media packets are available on request.

What is AniMinneapolis?
AniMinneapolis is a three-day-long convention focused on Japanese animation, video games, manga, and popular culture. Hundreds, even thousands of people come to these conventions to meet famous voice actors, participate in events, and compete in costume contests.

Conventions like AniMinneapolis are rare and unique events. No other sort of business conference has the same kind of 72-hour participation, nor enthusiasm of attendees.

Press rules and regulations.
Members of the press are expected to hold themselves to high professional standards. We welcome them to join us in costume and have fun participating in the convention, to understand how a convention works. All attendees are told that they may be photographed at the convention, and that their photographs may be published. It is still, however, a matter of courtesy to ask for permission for individual or micro-group photographs.

All press should refer to the convention as "AniMinneapolis" or "Anime Minneapolis." We appreciate when online publications provide a link to our website so that interested people can get more information.

Press Overview

Our convention welcomes members of the media who are interested in covering and reporting on the convention. Newspapers, TV outlets, and popular fandom websites are invited to our convention. We provide complimentary press passes to members of the media who plan to report on the convention in some kind of broadcast media (blog, news article, radio, tv show) and can verify their credentials with a legitimate reporting organization or solid website following.

We do not provide complimentary press passes for individuals who are not planning to develop editorial or photographic coverage of the convention. Documentary filmmakers, private photographers, etc, will not be given press passes.

Press Rules

Press badges enable individuals and organizations to report on the convention. They do not provide special privileges and you should avoid being in the way of our production and staff crews during the convention, or doing anything that would disrupt events. Interrupting events, abusing your privileges, or not cooperating with our staff can result in loss of your press pass and denial of future applications.

Photographers: No Soliciting

Photographers using a complimentary press badge may not offer or solicit paid photoshoots at the convention.

Press Deadline

The deadline to apply is 2 weeks prior to the convention. There is absolutely no at-con press registration except for local TV and Newspapers.

Click here to apply for press.

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