May 9 - 11, 2025 Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
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May 9 - 11, 2025

Weapons Policy

All weapons and large props must be inspected and approved by our operations or security staff at the convention. We will then "peace mark" them, by affixing a ribbon or mark that indicates we have checked them, and, if necessary "peace bond" them by using ribbon or ties to keep your weapon from being drawn or used (for example, by someone who doesn't know the rules and sneaks up behind you and grabs it). Attendees must realize that it is a privilege to bring large props and weapons to the convention, and everyone must take great care to be careful not to damage things, whack people, or otherwise do anything that seems dangerous. We allow certain specific prop weapons and large prop items, but anything not listed below is not allowed. Please understand that due to crowding, space, or safety issues, we may have to change the rules mid-convention at any time.

  • Guns: Realistic looking guns are only allowed if they have a very bright, obvious orange tip that shows they are non-working. Guns that actually work, or have the potential to work, or might be mistaken by the public as real, are not allowed. Toy or fantasy guns that are "obviously fake" are allowed.
  • Swords are allowed if they can be tied shut in their sheath, or if they are made of wood or plastic. Swords must never be waved around or wielded, but they can be used for still posing for photographs.
  • Bows: Toy, or otherwise wooden or plastic bows can sometimes be okay, but professional or compound bows are not. Equipping an arrow to a bow is absolutely never acceptable, even for photos.
  • Large Props: Large props are generally okay, if you are extremely mindful of them. However if we find that we have large crowds, or if they become a problem, we may ask you to return them to your hotel room or car at any time. We will not store them for you.
  • Dangerous Things: Please keep your extremely dangerous things, like your Class IV lasers and missile launchers, at home. (Of course these examples are fictional, but please remember to use some common sense... imagine if someone decides to pick up your missile launcher to find out if it's real!)
  • Pretend Weapons: Anything that is entirely obviously a play/pretend weapon that can not be mistaken for something that is actually a real weapon.

Any weapons may be disallowed at any time at the discretion of con staff.

An convention.